Show Up! Stand Up! Speak Up!
New Book Release Fall 2016

In order to be heard a speaker must show up, stand up and speak up.  Judy’s book Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up is jam-packed with guidelines from more than 25 years as a public speaker. She believes a speaker’s task is to inform, inspire and ignite others to action and their presentations ought to fulfill a need, focus on the significant and leave a footprint to follow.

When a speaker knows their audience, their venue and what’s expected of them they can and will be successful.

Each speaker has her or his own style and as they are true to themselves and touch their audience they will be asked to speak again and again.

The book will cover ethics of public speaking. She includes practical points such as contracts, dress, and the use of dialogue, delivery and speech preparation.

Judy is the author of Public School: Power Prayers. She wrote several chapters in the revised edition of Separate But Equal. Her writings appeared in a newspaper in the Midwest and she has written several on line articles and had a standing column in the educational publication Teachers of Vision magazine for 20 years.To be notified when the book is published, click the link below:

Speaking by the yard is hard, by the inch, a cinch! Public speaking is feared more than death by 43% of

people according to a survey done by NPR (National Public Radio). In a Chapman University Survey in 2014 public speaking ranked among the top 5% of fears of Americans. Maybe you’re not afraid to die, however, you don’t want to be asked to deliver the eulogy.

And, you may not be asked to give the eulogy but your boss may want you to present a new idea at your next company meeting. You may not feel comfortable in front of her or fellow staff. Well Associates will coach you to become an effective, efficient and entertaining speaker to 50, 500 or 5000 people. We provide one on one coaching or to groups in the venue of your choice. Our coaches and trainers use interactive methods and you will learn by doing. Founder of Well Associates Judy Turpen, reminds people ”Public speaking is both a taught and a caught skill.”

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