What People Say About Judy Turpen’s Presentations:

“A lot of information, a great presentation.”

“She was well prepared, knowing what she was presenting. Everything
offered was pertinent.”

“Great potpourri of ideas, good balance of practical and doctrinal.”

“Just what I was looking for, great job!”

“I wish there would have been more time for the speaker.”

“The Q & A session was very informative.”

“What a super, super funny speech. I am still laughing. You were great. Keep it up.”
Bruce C.

“Judy’s presentation was informative and enjoyable. Her presentation style is friendly, clear and organized. She is approachable and an excellent, effective speaker.”
Maria M.

“As a writer and editor Judy is adept in presenting thoughtful and inspirational messages. She can be witty as well as serious but either way, she knows just how to connect with her audience. She is an exemplar speaker and will leave the audience wanting more; certainly satisfying the audience in what they came for. You will definitely want Judy at your next venue, giving that inspirational message and it will be one that will evoke lasting memories and definitely a call to take action for positive change.”
Jim R.